Data Analyst by day, Entrepreneur at night

French expatriate, working as CRM Data Analyst in Japan. Founded Tokyo Snack Box, grew it to a profitable e-commerce business.


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I come from a small town in the north of France, and made my way to Japan a few years ago. Last year, as the pandemic hit us, it became clear that no tourist would be coming to Japan anytime soon. That's when I decided to send some Japanese snacks to my friends and family. They loved it so much that I decided to make it a business. On September 5th 2020, I bought the domain name

I grew it to a profitable e-commerce business and doubled my personal income, while keeping my full-time job at adidas Japan.

This side-hustle helped me improve my knowledge in e-commerce, digital marketing, data analysis and CRM for the European/French-speaking market. Cool thing is, my job at adidas was giving me the same kind of knowledge but for the Japanese market.

As I am trying to grow even further my knowledge and experience in data analysis, I joined Tiffany & Co. Japan, as a CRM Data Analyst, on March 1st 2022.


Professional Experience

In reverse chronological order, click on the cards for more details about my work and achievements.



The list of universities I attended and the online programs I have undertaken.


Institution NameCountryDateDegreeSubjectURL (Courses)
IESEG School of Management
September 5, 2013 → April 30, 2019
Rikkyo University
August 15, 2017 → August 31, 2018
International Business
Sopha University
August 15, 2014 → July 31, 2015
Exchange program (no degree)
Liberal Arts
Macquarie University
January 17, 2020
Non-degree Online Specialization
Excel Skills for Business
University of Maryland
January 11, 2019
Non-degree Online Specialization
February 25, 2022
Non-degree Online Specialization
Data Analytics


Here are a couple software I can use and things I can do.

SQL (Exasol, SQL Lite)
Data Analysis (R)
Data Visualization (Tableau)
Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator etc..)
Office Suite (Excel, Word, PPT)
Ads (Facebook + Google)
E-commerce (Shopify)
Influencer Marketing
Project Management
Email Marketing
APP Marketing
No-code tools
Japanese Language (N2 level)


Here are the values I live and work by.

Be super helpful

I take pride in being the go-to person whenever someone has a problem that needs to be solved quickly.

Act with humility

Treating everyone's opinion with respect, learn from people with more experience.

Maximize efficiency

Minimize unnecessary taks and get the 80% done using 20% of resources. Think outside the box and find ways to make things work.

Focus on customers

Asking myself what pain points customers have and how we can solve it.

Guides & Articles

Based on my personal experience, I have witten a couple of blog articles. The topics vary from how-to guides to live in Japan, marketing guides etc...

Any question?

A short FAQ where I try to answer the most common questions I get :

Are you interested in working for another company?

I love my current job, but I am also open to new opportunities. If you think there is a fit with my profile, feel free to send me a DM!

Can you help me get an internship/job in Japan or at adidas?

Right now, the team I'm working for is not hiring any intern. I can give you general advice about how to land an internship/job in Japan, but please come up with clear questions.

Are you hiring for Tokyo Snack Box?

For now, I don't have the need for support but it might come at a later stage. If you are interested, I invite you to follow the different accounts of @TokyoSnackBox on social media, where I would post about such topic.

I want the same website!

Thanks for the kind words. If you want a similar website for yourself or your company (we can even add a job board), I can build it for you! All you have to do is send me what you need + your budget at this email.


Built with love, in Tokyo.

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